• December 12, 2017

Oh, the state of our storeroom is frightful,
But all the yarn is so delightful!
And since we've no place to sit,
Let us knit, let us knit, let us knit!

Back by popular demand!  Our 10th Annual Twelve Days of Dizzy!

Expect significant accumulations of yarn, huge savings and free U.S. shipping!

It doesn't show signs of stopping,
And shipping's FREE for this shopping!
May the great deals never quit!
Let us knit, let us knit, let us knit!

What happens during the Twelve Days of Dizzy?

Make sure you have that last minute project handy and are keeping an eye on for the amazing deals!

For Twelve Days there will be amazing themed based deals, starting with one wonderful deal on Day One, two new twinkling deals on Day Two and so on up to a blizzard of twelve tantalizing deals on Day Twelve!

There will be "Soft Single Plies", "Tweeds & Marls Exciting", "Something With Alpaca", "Sharp & Pointy Objects" and much more!

For more information go to

Happy Holidays and Happy Knitting!

The Fine Print:

The Twelve Days of Dizzy sale items are available online only at

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