Little Hats, Big Hearts

  • February 10, 2016

On Saturday, January 23rd we put out a call to all hat knitters and crocheters to help us in supporting the American Heart Association's Little Hats, Big Hearts Program. Started in 2014, the program raises awareness of congenital heart defects (CHD), the most common birth defect in the U.S. Our goal was to send 300 red hats to Highland Hospital by February 14th to support their initiative to send every baby born there in February home wearing a red hat. We donated the yarn and patterns and invited everyone to the shop on January 31st for a Red Hat Sunday BYON* Event (*Bring Your Own Needles) featuring a full day of creating cute little hats.

What happened next was truly amazing! The morning following our emailing people started pouring into the shop to pick up yarn and patterns to get a head start on their hats, and by the end of Red Hat Sunday our baskets and window display held 150 of them - each hat unique and wonderful and crafted with love and care to both raise awareness of CHD and to welcome each new baby with a little warm red hug!

As we wind down to our February 14th deadline for collecting hats we wish to once again thank everyone who participated for their time, talent and the warm camaraderie they continue to bring into the shop. In just a little over one week we have topped our goal of 300 hats for Highland Hospital, and the hats are still pouring in! Thank you so much for helping us in our ongoing mission to make the world a happier place one knitter - or crocheter as the case may be - at a time.  You are all truly inspiring and you have warmed our hearts.

If you missed this event, or simply can't get enough of knitting little hats, please know that we are always accepting hats for donations to local hospitals in every size and you are welcome to use us as your donation collection place.  We will make sure they get to wherever they are needed.

We will be hosting more community knitting events in the coming months and we hope you will join us, so stay tuned.

Happy Knitting Always!

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