Oops! 101

Saturday, 2/29/2020 from 9:00 - 11:00am OR Saturday, 4/25/2020 from 9:00 -11:00am
Fee: $35 tuition (single class session)

In this class you will learn how to read your stitches, recognize problems in your knitting, tink, frog, easily put your stitches back onto your needles, and how ro repair slipped stitches and dropped stitches in both stockinette and garter stitch.

Students should come prepared with knitting needles (circular or straight) appropriate for worsted weight or heavier yarn, some spare double pointed needles in small sizes up to a US 4 if you have them, and two 6"x 6" worsted or heavier weight yarn swatches: one in garter stitch and one in stockinette stitch. Swatches should be made in a light to medium color to facilitate stitch reading.

Skill Requirements: students must be comfortable with casting on, knitting, purling and binding off.

Please note this class starts at 9:00am (one hour before the shop opens).